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Keeping your window treatments and blinds clean from top to bottom is a never-ending task. Insufficient cleaning can leave your blinds and drapes riddled with dirt, grime, and allergens. Utilizing our state of the art techniques, Window Decor Store ensures your window treatments are dazzlingly clean. With expert drape and blind cleaning care from our team, you will enjoy a level of clean never before experienced. Our advanced treatments preserve the quality and longevity of your blinds and drapes at a fraction of the replacement cost, saving you time and money.

Don't have time to bring your blinds in? No problem! Take advantage of convenient pickup and delivery to and from our Novi, MI blind cleaning location. We also complete our drapery cleaning on-site, so you never have to leave home!

Our Blind Cleaning Process


Window Decor Store utilizes the same ultrasonic techniques employed by hospitals, dentistries, and other industries that require sterile equipment. During the process, millions of tiny, microscopic particles suck the surface clean, removing dirt, dust, grime, mold, and bacteria. Our thorough process improves respiratory conditions by removing irritants, and leaves your blinds looking beautifully clean. With the same level of care, we utilize injection extraction methods on site to properly clean drapes, making us the leader in window treatment care.

Leaders in Michigan Blind & Drape Cleaning

Window Decor Store engages the highest levels of cleaning standards and pairs it with amazing customer service for the ultimate drape and blind cleaning experience. Benefits of working with our amazing team include:

  • Convenient Pick Up, Drop Off, & Rehanging of Blinds Available Upon Request

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Certified Cleaning Techniques for Both Blinds and Drapes

  • Excellent and Caring Customer Service

  • And More

Our Cleaning Services

We specialize in top-quality Michigan blind cleaning services that ensure your blinds will look spectacular. Whether you want to keep the dust from building up in your business, or you want every inch of your home to be perfect when your family and friends come to town, our team offers the level of quality necessary to meet your expectations. Our cleaning services tackle all forms of blinds, as well as other forms of window treatments, including:

Your Michigan Blind Cleaning Experts

Keep your blinds and window treatments sparkling from top to bottom with professional Michigan blind cleaning. Contact the experts from Window Decor Store today.